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Miriam Benz OBD unlock ESL

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Miriam Benz OBD unlock ESL

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Detalii Miriam Benz OBD unlock ESL

This product has the following characteristics:
1. safe and efficient, ESL unlock only about 3 seconds; do not need to connect the computer;
2. support for all Mercedes-Benz E / C series unlock ESL online;
3. solve this model has been the control unit must be replaced ESL world problems, are only data communication through the OBD port unlock online ESL, a high degree of intelligence. Simple and easy to operate.

4. the use of safety control unit will not damage ESL system; currently done at the same time Mercedes-Benz E / C Series ESL unlock the quickest, most secure equipment;

5. this product has reached the level of intelligence the advanced international level, domestic technology leader. Maintenance of automotive electronics is also a fellow and the best car repair workshop equipment.

Specific steps are as follows:

1. the same truck and removed the plug ESL; plug unlock ESL instrument plug (no PC);

2. to unlock ESL Miriam Benz OBD car diagnostic interface into OBD;

3. OBD Mercedes-Benz Instrument ESL unlock about three seconds after the electricity, apparatus will "drop" is called 3 sound, alarm sound stopped; at this time to unlock