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Tester profesional Toyota AllScanner

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Detalii ALLSCANNER TOYOTA ITS3 fara Bluetooth

Software Version: 
toyota 9.30.002 
honda 2.027

Language: English
Update: CD

ALLSCANNER ITS3 is the latest automotive diagnostic tool.It was designed by the new international standard,it can identify different vehicles intelligently,and it can support all vehicles in the market.It adopt wireless communication module of WIFI 802.11b/g,it can be used with Laptop or PDA. 

Special Function for optional 
-  Support diagnostic software of TOYOTA TIS Techstream to realize same function as that.
-  Support diagnostic software of BENZ STAR ( CAN BUS,this function in developing)
-  Support diagnostic software of BMW INPA to realize same function as that (this function in developing)
-  Support diagnostic software of NISSAN Consult-III,On developing.
-  Support diagnostic software of HONDA HDS,On developing.
-  Support diagnostic software of FORD VCM IDS,On developing
-  J2534 Reprogramming Capability

ALLSCANNER ITS3 now have software for honda and toyota. Other software still in developing.

- ITEM State
- CPU 16 digit Dual Cell specialize CPU
- Diagnostic Port 24PIN, self-determination design
- Wireless Port 802.11b/g WIFI wireless
- LED 4 LED indicator light,indicate power and status.
- Power DC 9V-28V
- Consumption 3W
- Size 156(L)x86(W)x35(H)mm
- Working Temperature -20°C~70°C
- Storage Temperature -40°C~85°C

Product Feature 
- Adopt 16 digit Dual Cell specialize CPU,Full compliant with all vehicles protocols.
- Use standard 802.11b/g WIFI wireless,connect easy to network,or connect to Laptop to realize wireless diagnosis.
- Diagnostic software accord with international standard,collocate communication port flexibly,less connectors support almost all vehicles socket.
- Self-determination design for connectors and cables.
- Compliant with 12V and 24V communication, Support heavy duty vehicles.
- Hardware accord with CE and FCC standard.

Product Software

VCX is the latest diagnostic software platform of ALLScanner,be used with hardware of VCX ,the characters be shown as below: 

- Diagnostic software can be operated under Win CE and Windows.
- Available installation for Laptop or PDA.
- Automotive Diagnostic language (VDL)
- XML by self-determination and high efficiency database management system,these will make it easily to explore the vehicles.

Packing list
- VCX Diagnostic box, the communicate bridge between mainunit and vehicles.
- Connector Connect to vehicle diagnostic socket.
- Wire connect RS232 serial port,115200bps
- CD Driver