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Range Rover MKIII

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Range Rover MKIII

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Detalii Range Rover MKIII

Range Rover MKIII - All Comms, MKIII All Comms


Used to Communicate Withthe Range Rover L322 Vehicle. (2003-2005)

Before Ordering Please check the Last 8 digits of your VIN.

Only MKIII Range Rover Vehicles up to 5A999999 Will Work.

If your VIN is below this number, then you are good to go.



The MKIII All Comms is a USB enabled OBDII communications device. This device allows the user to communicate with nearly all of the L322 Range Rover vehicle computers. This includes the ability to read and clear fault codes and the ability to configure many of the L322 vehicle subsystems.


The MKIII All Comms is very easy to use. The software and hardware combination does require some computer or mechanical experience on the part of the user. But overall, the software and hardware combination is mostly hassle free and will provide years of useful service.


The MKIII All Comms is an ongoing project. Below is listed the current systems that the diagnostic tool and software package will communicate with. The list will grow over time until all systems are fully operational.



Working Diagnostic Sub-Systems

Read & Clear Faults - ABS

Read & Clear Faults - Headlight Leveling

Read & Clear Faults - Air Suspension

Read & Clear Faults - HEVAC

Read & Clear Faults - Body Control Module

Read & Clear Faults - Seat Module

Read & Clear Faults - DSP

Read & Clear Faults - Left HID

Read & Clear Faults - Right HID

Read & Clear Faults - Instrument Pack

Read & Clear Faults - Lighting Control Module

Read & Clear Faults - Navigation Module

Read & Clear Faults - Parking Assist Module

Read & Clear Faults - Engine Petrol Immobilizer

Read & Clear Faults - Engine Petrol

Read & Clear Faults - Rain Sensor

Read & Clear Faults - Steering Angle Module

Read & Clear Faults - Security Module

Read & Clear Faults - Transfer Box

Read & Clear Faults - Transmission Petrol

Read & Clear Faults - Tire Pressure

Customize - Calibrate Air Suspension

Customize - Vehicle Entry Functions

Customize - Parking Sensor Functions



The vehicle warning lights have illuminated because of an underlying reason. There is always a reason for the fault. Sometimes the fault condition has occurred because of a simple transient and temporary sensor problem. In these cases, when the fault is cleared, the fault may not return because nothing with the system is actually broken. While unfortunately sometimes the faults can be triggered because something is actually physically broken with the system. In these cases, then physical problem must be repaired to prevent the fault code from returning. In both cases, the All Comms Tool will help you diagnose the problem and determine if expensive repairs are needed or if just a reset of the system is needed. The reading and clearing of the vehicle fault codes is not always the final repair step but is a required step on the path to repairing your vehicle.