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MB IR Smart Key Pro

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MB IR Smart Key Pro

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Detalii MB IR Smart Key Pro

MB IR Smart Key Pro

Need use by Motorola MC68HC908A260 Programmer, MOTOROLA-
918 Programmer,VP380.
The new Mercedes device is working with smart key (old and new)
used since 1997 up to 2005 (without Key Less Go system).

You can program new key (ore used one) in car and program

own key if it can not work more. You read and program eeprom

of CPU from Steering blocking module via diagnostic connector

(38 pins). Desolder and read in programming tool two CPU from

Electronic Ignition Control Module. Load these eeproms to program.

Desolder NEC CPU from the key. Solder it on the device , select

the No of key and program it. Solder all CPUs on their places and

start the car.You can program new keys without the car - only with

EIS and steering blocking modules. You can read these CPUs with

help programming tool (for ex. ETL) for Motorolla CPU