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AD900 programator key

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AD900 programator key

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The professional duplicating machine, Transpronics, has been designed and developed to assist immobilizer system specialists. Transpronics is not only a duplicating machine; It is also a unique machine that can make transponders from eeproms in immobilizer boxes when a
Customer has lost all keys. It can also inform you if a transponder is locked or not. It has been developed over 4 years. It can copy most crypto transponders like 42, 45, 4D, most of 44 VAG and some 40 and 41 transponders. It can copy Texas fixed transponders to TPX1 without battery transponders.

+ Identify Transponder
+ Write Transponder Codes
+ Copy Transponder
+ Calculate eeprom memory
+ Calculate Transponder Codes from eeprom memory
+ Calculate pin-codes from eeprom memory, from chassis and from Transponder
+ Test Transponder
+ Generate Fixed Transponder Codes
+ PC Software


1- Copy all fixed transponders
A- Temic 11
B- Temic 12
C- Megamos 13
D- Philips 33
E- Texas 4C

2- Copy most of crypto transponders
A- Philips Crypto 42
B- Philips Crypto 44 VAG
C- Philips Crypto 45
D- Texas Crypto 4D
E- Some Philips Crypto 40 and 41

3- Show all information about all transponders
A- Transponder Types
B- Transponder Codes
C- Locked or not
D- Which car brand
E- Eeprom codes
F- Pin-Codes

4- Calculate eeprom logics from transponder memory.
A- Temic 11 transponder (3 Bytes)
B- Temic 12 transponder (5 Bytes)
C- Megamos 13 transponder (4 Bytes)
D- Texas 4C transponder (4 Bytes)
E- Philips 33 Transponder (4 Bytes)

5- Calculate transponder logics from eeprom logics
A- BMW Philips 33 rolling Transponder
B- Opel Philips crypto 40 Transponder
C- VAG Philips crypto 42 Transponder
D- Vw Philips crypto 44 Transponder
E- Renault, Vw, Honda Rover, Opel, Alfa-Romeo Philips 33 Transponder
F- FIAT Palio - Siena Temic 11 Transponder
G- Mercedes Vito, sprinter, Vw Volt Temic 12 Transponder
H- Toyota 4C Transponder
I- FIAT Tipo- Tempra Megamos 13 Transponder
J- FIAT Second Generation Megamos 48 Transponder

6- Calculate pin-codes from transponders
A- Renault Philips 33 ( 4 Digits )
B- Peugeot Philips crypto 45 ( 4 Digits )

7- Calculate pin-codes from chassis numbers
Transpronics can calculate pin-codes for Hyundai and Kia from last 6 digits of chassis

8- Unlock most of 48 transponders.
As you know, new system cars lock the transponder during the programming. So you can not use these transponders again. But Transpronics can unlock most megamos crypto transponders with its high technology.

9- Generate Crypto Transponders from blank Crypto transponders for Renault -Chrysler and Jeep.
You can generate 46 RenaulC Chrysler and Jeep transponders from blank 46 transponders.

10- Generate transponder logics for fixed transponders.


In addition, Transpronics has several other Special Updates. These are optional and can be
Purchased via your distributor.
Transpronics also offers the user the use of a Private Program that can only be used by the
Designated user.
Latest Updates:
1. Pin code finding program for Laguna card systems
2. Iveco pin code finding program
3. Pin code for Megane 2 card syste
4. Generates 40-42-44 VAG -44 Mitsubishi C 45 C 73 transponders using a PCF7935AS precoded transponder.
5. Program that generates 61-62-65 transponder from Texas Crypto ID60 transponder.